Roads of Kanara

I am a lot more fascinated by road trips than package tours that are so popular these days. Nothing compares to the freedom to just go where the wind takes you , eat what the layman over there eats, and fight with your loved ones over that tattered map of the region (not the Apple or Google maps for me, thank you) where to stay. Not having a schedule to keep to and the time table to follow is such a strange thing for fast paced city dwellers these days.

The perfect road trip for me would be in a black Ambassador (yes, it is antique car and no,they don’t manufacture it anymore ) so it will give a feel that I am traveling in a Government vehicle. To the coastal areas of Karnataka. People there call it as Kanara regions or Karavalli coast. Imagining going there in the monsoon, following the snake like coastal route makes me live through each day.

Udupi ,Mangalore, Shimoga, and many other places to account for. These places are good for chilling out and for pilgrimages. I would definitely love to eat in the famous Udupi temple. From what I heard a single meal will be laid and fed to people within minutes and the next meal starts.(How fast!!!) Sandy beaches with not a soul in sight. Starting at the start of Kerala border till Goa along the long winding coastlines. Chilling out with tender coconuts under a tree shade. Adventure sports where you have to cajole friends to try it out and take pictures when you are doing weird poses above the ground or in the water.

Who would accompany me on this crazy road trip of mine apart from my equally crazy friends. This would be a trip to remember because at the end of it we will each be at each other’s throat than in our car seats .



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